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"I drank for some time, three or four days.
I couldn’t get myself to read the want ads. The thought of sitting
in front of a man behind a desk and telling him that I wanted a job, that I was qualified for a job, was too much for me.
Frankly, I was horrified by life, at what a man had to do simply in order to eat, sleep, and keep himself clothed.
So I stayed in bed and drank. When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn’t have you by the throat."

- Charles Bukowski - (Book: Factotum)

(Source: quoththeculture)


John Foster - Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table (2012)


Jose Wilson Castaneda Reyes

Kaone Kario

Sasha Pivovarova in “Eden” by Richard Tuttle & Mario Sorrenti
W Magazine, November 2006

Saatchi Online Artist: thomas saliot; Oil, Painting “The john’s”

"I and me are always too deeply in conversation."

- Friedrich Nietzsche (via pi1-ursaeminoris)

Throwing Up the Children